Ampicillin for Acne

The antibiotic ampicillin is one of the most famous and used antibiotic because of its anti-bacterial

property. It has been widely used since the year 1961. It is a member of penicillin family employed to

treat infections. Some of these bacteria infection cause respiratory and pulmonary diseases, urinary

tract infection, meningitis and epiglottitis. This antibiotic can either be taken orally or injected in a vein.

Ampicillin is also used to treat acne. It is cheap as compared to other antibiotics too. Most of the time,

when your dermatologist deems that your skin does not react to topical skin solutions or other methods

of treatment, prescribing antibiotic is the best option. Severe acne is often caused by bacteria infection.

And most of the time, taking oral medication is the only choice. One study shows that acne on the chest

and back is more treatable through oral medicines.

Ampicillin kills the bacteria that causes acne and minimizes the inflammation. Also, dermatologist

prescribes antibiotics together with a topical skincare solution. It is more effective that way. It takes

about sixty days for ampicillin to take full effect. So, patience is a virtue. But the bacteria become

immune to the antibiotic when used long enough. It is very important to watch your medication strictly.

Don’t forget to take it according to your prescribed time and dosage. Usually when antibiotic is missed,

you are counseled to start again.

Sure, ampicillin is an antibiotic proven to be safe and effective. But there are also downsides to using it.

Just like other medicines it has side effects. The most common are rashes and hives, swelling of tongue

and mouth, difficulty in breathing, problem with swallowing, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. A lot of

people have allergy with penicillin. Remember, ampicillin is part of the penicillin family. It is also better

to consult your doctor right away if you have bad reactions to the medicine.

Acne treatment does not happen overnight. So sticking to your beauty regimen is a must. Observing

proper hygiene can help in treating acne too. Taking these medications is good but taking care of your

self is much better. This means you eat right. Avoid foods that can trigger acne. Drink lots of water and

avoid sugary liquid. Take time to exercise to wash out toxins from your body. It takes time, money and

effort but the end results are more than enough reward. Who does not want a healthy acne-free skin